snake chain around my neck

This is my favorite design jewelry in silver. A snake chain necklace is more than easy to combine with everything and it reminds me to Greek and Roman mythology. It’s flexible and keeps the shape you want to have. Usually I wear it around my neck but it’s also elegant to use it as a bracelet around the wrist. As a charming and glamorous highlight I got asked many times for the designer of this unique piece. Than I am used to response: The metal is by someone else but today’s shape is created by myself. Have an unique evening with a touch of eternity around your neck – all the best from the historical city of Taormina/Italy.

One thought on “snake chain around my neck

  • OMG – my best girl friend is into Greek mythology and she would ADORE this! Love that it can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet, too.

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