rebeccas eyes on a music cover

Today’s story is not a new one but a very special one in respect of Rebeccas eyes. Indeed, a picture of mine got highlighted on a music cover. Regarding this picture it’s one of my favorites because it looks quite androgynous and mysterious. Of course, there are only some gold leaves on my skin and I wear a blue scarf. As you can see it’s not really consistent with my all in black philosophy but sometimes you have to break your own rules to get a great picture. Also the sound is an amazing mixture of spherical vocals and deep trance. Below you find some pictures of the whole photo shooting. Special thanks to Florian Simeth photography!

Music: Thomas Vitali

2 thoughts on “rebeccas eyes on a music cover

  • Wow, these photos are stunning. Beautiful model and style, but the lighting is fascinating, too.

  • It’s just amazing! Indeed nice photos, that was quite a good photography work. The photographer deserves 80% credit, Lol. Love it!

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