dress black, need less philosophy

Hi and welcome in the world of an all in black fashion minimalist – it’s more colorful than expected ;-). My name is Rebecca and I am a German online marketing specialist, lifestyle blogger, selfie-addict minimalist. It was more than 6 years ago when I decided to become a minimalist. Over the years I fell in love with black fashion. This means, today I own and dress myself with less than 100 black essentials. This┬ápersonal fashion revolution simplified my life. There is no day I have to think more than two minutes about what to combine with each other.

essentials – accessories – highlights

It’s not a secret at all: Black is beautiful. Black is no color and so it’s timeless as simple as well as elegant.
I believe in the harmony of the following outfit elements: Essentials, accessories, highlights.

Those include all clothing from dress to shirt. As a fashion minimalist I have only all in black essentials. Keep it classy and simple. Black means not monotone. There is a wide range of variations in texture, design and material.

This term might be misleading. Most people think about jewelry but from my perspective I would define jewelry as a highlight. The main reason is: Most of my accessories like shoes, handbags, belts or purses are also all in black. Exceptions for dinner events are possible but the every day look stays clean and black.

Finally I show you my colors. As mentioned above I consider jewelry as highlights. In gold or silver it’s always a glamorous eyecatcher. As you see you need very little color to dress beautiful in black.

This philosophy is a statement. My minimalistic statement to style, dress, to simplify my life and just an inspo for your own look and feel.

Best, Rebecca