o, let’s talk about minimalistic jewelry

Minimalistic jewelry is not easy to find and even more difficult to style. Certainly, clear design calls for minimalistic looks. So I would highly recommend to combine a necklace like this one (found in the loveandeleganceshop) only with single-color items. In my case I focus on black but you can also wear another color, of course. The conclusion is just to avoid wild and floral patterns. It’s very simple to keep in mind: Too much is too much, stay straight, stay elegant. So far, so good.

When it comes to the chocker, I really love the simplicity and subtile fantasy behind the “ring of O”. It’s like the unconscious promise: Still waters run deep. Based on the fact that I could wear this chocker every day, I realized two different photo shootings for my favorite.

Necklace: Love & Elegance
Shirt: Mango

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