minimalistic highlights

Minimalistic highlights: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Jewelry is always an eyecatcher, a highlight, and an expression of your personal character. In addition to the all in black look, especially puristic design highlights a modern and timeless look. Some people trust in silver, others in gold – by now I have no clear preference. I wear silver, gold and copper but never mix it up. The following pics show you my personal highlights. I will update them once in a while because it’s never recommended to wear all day the same jewelry. Don’t bore the eyes of others, don’t bore yourself 🙂


2 thoughts on “minimalistic highlights

  • You have an amazing eye for jewelry. These are absolutely stunning. One of the challenges I run into with pieces like these is that because they go with nearly everything it’s so hard to choose between them when I plan pairings!

  • Those could match a lot of stuff, but as a minimalist I am trying to only have a couple of necklaces that go with it all.

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