minimalistic fashion addicts: find yourself nowhere else

This long sleeved draped jersey dress by Designers Remix is amazing for minimalistic fashion addicts. The fabric feels nicely, soft and warm. Furthermore the mixture of Polyester, Viscose and Spandex supports the slim fit style. As you can see, I think it’s the perfect dress to feel good and cosy at home. Moreover it is easy to combine with minimalistic high heels, some jewelry and you get ready for the evening. So this is really one dress for the whole day. Great thing because you don’t have to think about restyling for dinner.

Below I tried out a new beach dress by Seafolly, too. It’s made out of cotton and is semi-transparent. Nice idea but more relevant during summer time. It gets spring right now but still to fresh to think about bikini and beach party… in Munich. So let’s wait some weeks and dress up again in Seafolly and so on.

Dress: Designers Remix Jeny
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Beach Dress: Seafolly Amnesian Kaftan

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