minimalistic essentials

Minimalistic essentials: Fashion essentials of a minimalist include all in black basics like shirts, skirts, trousers, and dresses. In this post I just want to give you a brief overview of my must have essentials made up of items that are all in my closet. Currently we are talking about 100 pieces (summer and winter). It’s less than most ladies have but still feels a lot. Update follows…

Tops, shirts, jackets: 

15 tops, 8 shirts, 8 pullover, 4 blazer, 6 jackets

Trousers & skirts:

6 skirts, 8 long trousers, 4 shorts


15 dresses


2 bathrobes, 2 pyjamas, 14 socks, 3 bikinis, 15 dessous

3 thoughts on “minimalistic essentials

  • Love all of these items!! Makes me ready for autumn. You do a wonderful job of showing all in black items – amazing!

  • 100 things – wow. Having less to choose from when getting dressed, saves time. Moreover this means that all what you own has to match. Efficiency is achieved through picking out neutral colors… and black is just beutiful. Great philosophy

  • this is awesome! thanks for the inspiration 😀

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