mime et moi voilà

Handcraft meets hightech, high meets low – there is only one shoe with this ultimate freedom of choice. In the morning you go with your flat heels, in the evening you upgrade to high heels. After the party you change to flat again. All what you need is this pair of shoes. In a small bag you take the click-heels with you and it’s more than easy to change the heels. The sandals are available in ten colors, the heels in five variations. It depends on your mood and event what height you choose. Great product for every Lady and especially for all minimalists.

Shoes: Mime et moi Wiesnschuh & Black/ Nude

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUh-RMbVvNQ[/embedyt]

6 thoughts on “mime et moi voilà

  • WOW. That is absolutely brilliant!! These would be great for business women who travel and have limited suitcase space… and they look good.

  • I just saw this on my Facebook feed! I would totally buy these, because I travel so much and can’t always pack so many things.

  • Huh that’s crazy what all you can do these days! And I really love these shoes!

  • wow! These shoes are gorgeous! I can’t believe that you can make them high or low depending on what you want! Brilliant idea!

  • Such an innovative idea. I’d be really excited to try them and see just how comfortable they are.

  • This is the most innovative shoe! It’s really great for the ladies who don’t like to change shoes when going out all night but also don’t want to wear heels all night. Plus I think we all own or wanted to buy a shoe that would “be cuter as a heel” or “be so much better as a flat.”

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