maison close for your private carneval party

I wouldn’t recommend Maison Close Lingerie just for carneval but you could include some items in your private carneval party look. Mentioning this transparent and backless body means it might be another item of interest of your personal event selection. The body feels like nothing on your skin but gives you a very glamourous diva look. So I would recommend to add a necklace and some jewelry to create shiny highlights. It’s not impossible but strange to combine the body with a bikini to cover the important body parts. I’ve never tried to go outside in this outfit but in case you are brave… Special thanks to Rainer Brinkschulte Photography.

Body: Maison Close Music Hall

2 thoughts on “maison close for your private carneval party

  • So pretty. The combination with the necklace really makes for a special outfit that would be stunning anywhere you went.

  • Wow! Looks so nice, I can’t just stop gazing at the photos! Even without recommendation the photos alone tells how good it is. I really need to get this, please how do I get to purchase it? Thanks.

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