dress black, need less

Dress black, need less is more like a claim. As a fashion minimalist I really believe in higher focus on quality instead of collecting everything in my closet. It doesn’t make me happy. It doesn’t feel good to keep too much stuff in my wardrobe. I want to feel free and flexible. This is why I decided to simplify my life. And please be honest – it doesn’t look bad, right? Black is a timeless color or no color. It’s always elegant and so easy to combine with everything else you have. Accessories are still a great way to highlight your essentials like a simple black dress. This dress is a very basic essential one by Mango. Special thanks to Rainer Brinkschulte Photography.

Dress: Mango
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

3 thoughts on “dress black, need less

  • Yes! Black color is pretty nice, quite easy to combine with everything else. I love your outfit on black. it’s great!

  • Simple and stylish – a necessity for every girl’s closet! Though I think I’d pair it with some bright colored jewelry and shoes… just for a splash.

  • A black dress like this can be worn anywhere. Everyone needs one of these as a staple in their closet.

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