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You are looking for classy glasses in black? This is Chanels simple answer. During the last years I got used to wear my contact lenses. Based on computer work in an air-conditioned environment it was slightly more difficult to keep my eyes hydrate and well-moisturized all day long. This is why I started to search the right glasses for my all in black minimalism style. This edgy eyeglass frame contrasts with my oval face shape emphasizing a tough business look. This eyecatcher is made out of light black plastic. The silver logo is just a small detail on the side pieces and indicates distinctively understated design.

Glasses: Chanel CH3219 C501

3 thoughts on “classy glasses

  • I have been in the business line for new eyeglasses for a little while but I didn’t know which ones to choose. I think part of the problem was that I didn’t know that there were different styles of glasses for different lifestyle. Thanks for this cool business look recommendation. I love Chanel 🙂

  • I am looking to find myself a new pair and this model looks really cool and timeless. I am still not sure, if this pair works for my jogging routine?

    • Hi Lola, honestly spoken, I didn’t try it. For jogging and doing sports I always wear contact lenses 😉

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