black leather by boss

There is a simple rule about how to wear black leather jackets: Just be yourself! Shy girls should combine this jacket carefully. Especially this unique design by Boss calls for personalality and authenticity. Black and stylish this jacket rocks your shape. Made out of fine leather it’s so soft like a second skin – a special highlight for every fashion minimalist. This is really a must have item for all tough ladies – especially for autumn and spring. The zip creates a nice detail in gold. It’s just a personal feeling but I prefer golden details on leather items based on the fact that silver on leather reminds me to the biker style.

Jacket: Hugo Boss
Shirt: Gucci
Shoes: Bianci
Bag: Gucci

3 thoughts on “black leather by boss

  • Love the cut on this jacket. It’s not boxy like most leather jackets, but has some flattering shape to it. Nice.

  • Thanks for this inspiration!

  • I love the first three pictures best. The one with on the stairs is actually quite relevant to me. The first one I would say is the “classic” way to wear that jacket but it never gets boring.

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