black ballett dress for minimalists

Twelve years later I decided to refresh my ballett lessons with a new black ballett dress. When I was a child, I wished to become a ballett dancer. As many girls I started to dance at the age of 6 and stopped as a teen. Some months ago I saw a wonderful dance movie and my dream to feel elegant awakened. This is why I bought a ballett dress, stockings, shoes, and a skirt. Of course, everything in black because I love this all in black style. Below you find the brands. Especially the ballett shoes by Bloch are amazing. These are really great to dance and I appreciate them as my new pair of home slippers. It’s still a long way to go and for sure, I won’t get professional in this life but ballett is one of the most elegant sports I can Imagine. I simply love it.

Body: Capezio
Skirt: Rumpf
Stockings: Rumpf
Shoes: Bloch

One thought on “black ballett dress for minimalists

  • There is such a peaceful beauty and elegance to ballet. The dress and shoes are gorgeous.

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